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Well, i just got finished working 3 days graveyard doing grocery shelve stocking (my normal job, different store). I can honestly say working graveyard MESSES up your body beyond belief. I asked my manager for more hours and he suggested the graveyard shift out at a different store. I did. My first night I found that by about 2:30 A.M. my legs were shaking and I had one of the worst migraines i have ever experienced. As I kept pounding back  energy drinks to keep myself from crashing, everything kept getting worse and worse. It is a really strange feeling…Like you are dreaming but your body is still moving- I am not totally sure how to explain it. Needless to say I worked here for 3 nights before switching back to my old store and old hours. After I came home on night #1, I found myself extremely depressed coming home to see everyone just getting ready for the day and waking up. Not to mention I was extremely nauseous and my eyes were burning.

I told myself “what the hell have I gotten myself into?!”

I decided to stick with it.

Night 2 was just about the EXACT same thing as night one. Coming home after that shift I decided it DEFINITELY wasn’t for me and wanted to go back to my old hours at the other store (5AM- 1:30pm), it was no big deal to switch back and I am glad I did.

By night 2, I realized that I would be sleeping until it was about time to go back to work, therefor not seeing people, friends, or family very much anymore. Which lead to depression along with physical pain.

Night 3, yes there was one more night that I felt inclined to complete. I am actually writing this only 30 minutes after getting off work. As I was walking to my car my legs gave out from under me and i dropped to one knee. I kind of smiled surprisingly as it was an assurance that I had made the right choice for my well-being.

Sure, this post isn’t about how to make money. This is one thing I actually strongly recommend against doing to make an extra buck. At the beginning i told myself, ”oh it won’t be so bad, everyone else will be asleep anyways.”

Now I am saying “quitting graveyard was one of the best decisions I have made so far.”

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  • Ryan Kalmoe

    Hey there Mr. Moneysniffer! Thanks for the opportunity to win a free pack of 2011 cards!

    I’m really glad you made this post! It underscores the importance of placing your physical and mental well-being ahead of material things, like making money. I know everyone tends to believe that material wealth will make you happy, but you could have a lot of money but if you’re suffering from major depressive disorder or have a very guilty conciensce, money isn’t going to cheer you up too much.

    Keep the great posts coming!

  • Brandon

    I worked the graveyard shift for 2 years at home depot restocking shelves. The only thing i got out of it was 4 cavities for drinking so much Mt. Dew. it was the worst time and experience of my life. It was even more hard because the small social life that i did have, was on the normal schedule. So i had to choose either be tired all the time and fall asleep at random places, or totally lose my sense of being a teenager/young adult and sleep all day and be even more depressed because of the life i was missing out on. I do not suggest to anyone to work midnights unless they have no social or live in a shack somewhere.

    • moneysniffer

      Wow, I could not have done this for 2 years. I felt the exact same way you did. Good thing you aren’t doing it anymore!

      Keep Reading!

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the share!

  • David R

    Thanks for the opportunity to win free packs.

    Can’t imagine the graveyard shift. When I was dealing poker, the room was changing to 24 hours on the weekends, I heard the stories people were talking about those first few graveyard shifts. I don’t know how anybody can do them. I did a few shifts until 1 a.m. a few times and was nodding off before midnight. Definitley not worth the money for the pain.

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