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I recently stumbled upon a website called 3blox.com. Why am I writing about this site? Well, they claim that if you can play their game and stack the blocks above the prize line, that they will give you money.

Similar to the games you may have seen in bowling alleys and arcades, where they look like this here:

stack it1 143x300 3blox.com Review

The objective of the game in both the bowling alleys and 3blox.com, is to stack your blocks above the “prize” line. If you do this, you win a prize- or if you are playing on 3blox.com, money.

In 3blox.com, the “blox” speed back and fourth, left and right the whole game and you have to time your click to keep the “blox” stacking higher and higher until you reach the prize line like seen below here: (My personal screen shot)

3blox1 300x169 3blox.com Review

So as you can see, with a $1 stake, I WOULD HAVE won $10.

3blox.com allows you to “try it out” before you actually risk losing (as seen above) any real money. I gave the free version a shot and it seemed fair enough so I decided to fund my account and give it a shot. After playing for about 20 minutes, I noticed that randomly the “blox” seemed to increase in speed, therefore making it much harder to win. I ended up losing $5 in total and decided to cash out the rest of my account balance- surprisingly It was sent to my paypal account in about…15 minutes, which was a nice surprise.

The thing you have to remember about these kinds of sites and games is that they were not created to GIVE OUT free money. This game is DESIGNED for the players to lose and the creators to take your money, why else would it exist? Nobody will make a website that gives out free cash unless they are making more money coming in than going out.

3blox.com is definitely addictive though which is why you must be careful. You may lose all of your first balance and then say to yourself”

“Well I ALMOST won $30, I’ll just play a little more.”

And then…$70 later. CRAP.

It is definitely gambling, despite what people say about it being a game of “skill”.

Overall, more likely than not, with 3blox.com you will mostly be losing your money… but heck, give it a shot if you are feeling lucky. If you do end up going to 3blox.com, make sure you play the free version and practice before going on and staking your own money.

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  • richard liput

    I stubbled apon 3blox.com by accident last week and have been working on mastering the free area for days and finally got it figured out and was consistantly reaching the $100 mark. 10 out of 12 times so I figured that I would order credits and play. Fortunately, my card was blocked by my bank because they will not pprocess gaming transactions without authorization. I tried three times and called my bank at which time they told me someone was trying to make a transaction from a telemarketing firm on my account at the same time. I am glad my bank stopped this before it could have gotten out of hand. Be careful this may be a scam.

    • http://www.moneysniffer.com moneysniffer

      Thank you very much for your comment, Richard. Good to know, upon first impression I could tell that it was a potentially-fishy website.

      Take Care,

  • http://3blox.com Matthew Williams

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    I am manager of customer service on 3blox and I found this thread on Google. I would like to take comment on the position of Moneysniffer and especially on Richards comment. First I can assure, that our website works 100% serious, there is no scam.

    Also our payments are 100% secure and handeled by one of the most reowned payment companies in Europe, Micropayment AG (Visit https://www.micropayment.ch/?&lang=en for more information). So I guarantee that there will never be any unauthorized or unjustified charges in connection with our website.

    About our game itself I would like to say, that the difficulty is solely controlled by game speeds and a higher stacking precision, so only the players skill decides about success or failure. This is also no secret, but clearly written down in our rules and terms.

    Thats all I have to say. I would be very grateful if you could publish this comment, so that the people have the possibility to learn the truth.

    Thank you very much!

  • Mike

    3blox is a 100% scam. The blox SKIP in the real mode, In free mode, the blox STOP EXACTLY at where i click them. In money mode, I CLICK the exact time but the blox moves on to the next one instead of staying, total BS. never playing 3blox again, everyone beware

    • http://www.moneysniffer.com moneysniffer

      I agree with you. Avoid 3blox.com

      Thanks so much for your comment,

  • David

    I bought credits and played the game and there were two things I found that may interest potential players. First, the free version is easy, but when you pay to play it will be much faster. The speed increases depending on how much you bet on the game. The bets are $1,$2,$5,$10, so a game where you bet $10 will be much harder/faster than a game where you bet $1. Second, after you win a little (I got up to more than double my original purchased credits) then the game changes and will increase the speed so you will start losing. I usually bet $2 per game, after winning several times the speed increased even though I did not change my bet. If you decide to play, your chances of winning are better at the beginning. If you get to more than double your starting amount winning at the begining, cash out and walk away. If you don’t the game will change and you will start losing.

  • wade

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  • Stacy Masters

    I have been playing 3blox a couple weeks now, i funded my credits with my paypal account and am currently up to $34.00 (I only play a few times every couple of days, I generally quit after I’ve lost a few dollars and go back to it at a later date). My account was only charged the single time and no further transaction attempts have been made by them or any other firms. I have not yet attempted to withdraw any winnings. The Real mode is quicker than the Free mode and the speed is somewhat random, but they have to make it challenging right? As you said in your article they cant give out money if they aren’t making money, but It does give you somewhat of a fair chance. You simply have to be careful and dont over-do it.

    • http://www.moneysniffer.com moneysniffer

      I agree and thank you for the comment. If you think about it though, what’s in it for them? Sure you can win a couple bucks here and there but at the end of the day from my experience and research it seems like 3blox.com always wins, Lol. Again thanks for your genuine comment and good luck in your money-hunt.


  • http://none Leon

    I have tried this game and I will say that it’s definitely fun and gives a rather fair chance at winning. I did lose my first deposit because I was clicking away too fast, but after paying attention, if you bet $1 for each game, you have plenty of time to win back whatever you lose. It does take a quick eye, hand and focus to get $100. I won a good amount and gave it a break.

    If you don’t have patience, just play the free game!

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  • Robert Bingham

    Tell me about this speeding up thing!

    • http://www.moneysniffer.com moneysniffer

      Of course. From my personal experience when I played 3blox.com, I would notice that as I got higher and higher with the stacks I would notice the blox would speed up almost to the point where it seemed glitchy. That’s great to hear that people are having some success though.

      Good luck guys!

  • Kris

    I started playing 3blox a few weeks ago and I honestly must say… It’s been pretty good to me. I just recently decided to ‘cash out’ and they had to verify my account info (it took two days despite the fact that they say 24 hours!). I’m just waiting for them to send my money to my paypal account and will report back after that.


    • http://www.moneysniffer.com moneysniffer

      That’s great! Hopefully they get you your money! Would love to hear back.


  • Narcisse

    I wanna try this but i don’t know if it’s real !!!!

    • http://www.moneysniffer.com moneysniffer

      Based on the reviews I’ve read, it seems like you can actually make a few bucks but ultimately they win in the long run. If you hit a hotstreak, quit while you’re ahead!

      Good Luck,

  • Joshua Hayden

    Did you have to show your id card because i won 17 dollars and still waiting to do a withdraw that said it would take 24 hours now it has been over 48 hours.

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