Get paid to Get a Tattoo


untitled1 Get paid to Get a TattooWith tattoos becoming more and more popular in this day and age, many companies have looked into tattoo advertising.


Yep, you heard that right. Small and major companies are looking for people to use your skin as a walking billboard. This is no joke.

Why? You may ask why, well I can’t give you the exact answer but it may have something to do with “desperate times call for desperate measures”.

Companies with huge advertising budgets are always looking for new forms of advertisement and new ways to promote their name. This recently discovered form of advertising has already grabbed a lot of company’s attention.

There are THOUSANDS of people walking around RIGHT NOW with company logos and names tattooed on all parts of their body. You can get paid a serious amount of money for letting a company advertise on your body. One’s forehead is considered the ideal spot for advertising. Usually, people that are willing to give up this prime advertising spot are paid significantly more.

So you want to become a walking billboard huh?

If you are seriously interested in having companies advertise on your body I suggest you contact a few major companies via email and see if they are possibly interested in paying you to advertise.

Personally, I think this particular way of making money is a bit extreme even for me…I think tattoos should mean something but if a company offered me 50 grand to advertise on my shoulder, It would definitely get me thinking… Wouldn’t you?

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  • Jack


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  • william

    im selling skin space.advertise away,no tattoo to large for the right me.

  • justin

    email me at i will be a human billboard for your company i will tattoo your companies logo on my neck for a one time payment

  • Hector vargas

    Please im willing to let u guys use my right forearm my neck. Hands …back.. Legs. My phone number is 7732683432

  • roy

    yo check it out top of my forehead for sale for 2,000 only

  • Joshua

    I’d get any logo anywhere for a good price! email me

  • James

    I will get any tattoo any size!!!!!!

  • http://tatoos nessa lopez

    I just wanna get paid what tat do I gotta get and where?

  • noel

    Im willing to get payed to get a tatt. I love tattoos

  • noel

    Willing to get payed to get tatted I love tattoos

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  • Patricia

    I’m interested in selling skin for only 1 logo company if interested contact me and I’ll send you 1 picture

  • Demetrice Lyons

    Got sace for sale right price

    • Demetrice

      Space 4 sell; right price

  • angela

    Im interested in getting paid to advertise via tatoo could somebody contact me let me no how i can do it asap i only have one tatoo currently its a lil name my neck very small

  • Matt P.

    Deff need the money. Plz email for tattoo advertisement

  • Matt Puckett

    Deff need the money! Plz email for tattoo advertisement!

  • ben baumgart

    Looking to Put body space to use..bigger space bigger tat..

  • matt

    ill lease advertisement space..i need $$$

  • Patrick

    I’m good with people I go out with my family. I have tattoos people ask my all the time and I like talking to them.if I know what the company is ill tell them all about the company like it is my own company.

  • Jeremy Gelinas

    Deffinitly interested , I am willing to become a walking Billboard !!! need mony for college

  • Jack

    I will advertise your company on my body anywhere but my face. contact me at anytime by email. The sooner the better. I have bills to pay.

  • Christine Olan

    I have 7 tattoos, I do Brand Ambassador work and Promotional Modeling. I am willing to get anything for the right price, only willing to get tatted from the neck down. Contact me:

  • Jeffery peters

    I am willing to get tattoo ads im jeffery peters contact me at cell 7738963280 im ready now

  • John

    I am a tattoo artist. What I am selling is not only skin on my body to place a logo or brand name, but I will record myself doing it on video and you are able to use that video for a commercial or more advertisement.

  • jason

    lots of ad space for sale get it while its hot willing to get them every where but the face top and sides of the head are fine shoot me an offer anything serious contact me at

  • phil dempsey

    I am willing get a tat anywere no forhead but anwere else will do any logo dosent matte call phil dempsy 4403099450

  • kattie mae

    anywhere but the me

  • zak marek

    I’ll do any logo from my neck down all i need is the money and ill do it !

  • Ryan Nunnery

    I am tatoo free but for the right price, that can change. Will put your tat ANYWHERE. Email me at

  • David A. LLoyd

    I am interested in selling places on my body
    for the purposes of commercial advertisment,
    the right price, the right part.

  • Robert

    Im interested in advertising ink on my skin. And also new to this walking billboard so i have no idea wer to apply or wat to do so if u kan email me with info on how to get started would be nice please


    • moneysniffer

      Unfortunately there is no way to ‘get started’. The best way would probably be doing what you’re doing right now. Advertising the opportunity for people to see.

      Good luck!

  • allie

    I would be willing to get a tat for some cash. I love getting tattoo’s

  • Mario Alvarado

    I will get a tattoo for money email me any company ill do both forearms I’m always in t-shirts and hanging my arm out my car window so it would b perfect for advertising

  • mike

    Tattoo me

  • Jamal Humphries

    i’m willing to get a tattoo any where for advertising if the price is right

  • joshua ofiana

    Im interested in advertising ink on my skin. And also new to this walking billboard so i have no idea wer to apply or wat to do so if u can email me with info on how to get started would be nice please

    • moneysniffer

      The best way to get yourself out there for tattoo advertising is to go directly to the source. Do some internet surfing and email a few big-name companies and see what you come up with!

      Good luck!

  • Marshall Luke

    hmmmm !

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