Swifto: A New Way to Make Money


Everyone has been in that position where you need to ask someone for a favor, but nobody is around…Well, Swifto.com is here to save the day. This new website (although still in beta testing) offers locals who are willing to help YOU out with your favors and small jobs in a matter of hours, or even minutes. Need help moving furniture? Not to worry, Swifto is here for you. Maybe you just need someone to meet you at the local coffee shop for some un-biased advice about a relationship? Or even somebody to wash your dog. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Swifto.com has the potential to be the #1 site out there dedicated to helping people with their daily necessities.

Swifto, is a site where users submit tasks that they need to be completed along with the price they are willing to pay for completion. You can ask for just about ANYTHING you need help with. Set a fair price for the amount of work you are asking for and you will have locals eager to help you with completing your task.

CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube video of what Swifto.com is all about.

Sounds great! How can I make money with Swifto?

Not only does Swifto provide help to people in need, it also offers a way to make money. If you sign up to be a “helper” you have the opportunity to make some extra cash by helping people complete their tasks. It is a great way for freelancers to expand their horizon outside of the computer desk. In fact, if you sign up to be a helper, there is an option to receive a notification on your mobile device or facebook account each time someone near you needs your help.

Like I mentioned earlier, Swifto is still currently in beta testing, but the option to make money is still open to anyone in the New York area. With enough support, Swifto plans to expand to help people nation-wide in the very near future. The Swifto team is currently searching for “super users” who will be completely dedicated to the Swifto system. Super users will receive special bonuses for their hard work and dedication.

In my opinion, Swifto is an extremely unique website and has great potential. If this sounds interesting to you, please support them by spreading the Swifto word, and also following them on twitter- click here to follow! Also, support them by liking their facebook page. Bring swifto to your neighborhood!

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