Buying 1 Ounce Silver Bars


Well, I went out and purchased my second 1 ounce Silver bar today. Added it to my collection of silver. Really excited to also see that silver is up nearly 1 percent today!

Here’s a picture of my collection of silver so far:

DSC04048 300x167 Buying 1 Ounce Silver Bars


So far I have 1 government quarter which is 90 percent silver, 2 – 1 ounce bars, and a 5 gram bar.

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Thanks for reading!


  • Brandon

    So where are you buying this silver from? And where do you plan on selling it?

    And i was very excited about this because I’ve been telling my wife for years about silver with all this talk about gold prices! Finally, Somebody else listens. But than i saw the bars you bought, and i was very disappointing in the way they looked. Can’t they buff them out to make them shiny or something? I want to be able to shave my face in the reflection of a silver bar. Its a far cry from my dream of having a shiny gold bar, holding it up, seeing somebody sneak up behind me in the reflection wanting to rob me and than turning around with the brick and hitting them with it, knocking them out. I havent thought of a cool one liner yet at what i’d say that would make all the chicks go crazy, but i’ve got some time. Gold prices is way too high for my taste.

  • moneysniffer

    I buy it from a local shop that sells metals. Yeah, i know they aren’t the prettiest, but it’s pure silver and i guess that is what people want. Haha your comment made me laugh.

    Take Care,

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