How much are Twinkies and Hostess products worth? 2012

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Well as of 11/16/2012 the U.S. Hostess company has shut down. Therefor placing a temporary inflated price of all hostess products…In other words…sell them now!

Yesterday while doing my usual eBay searches I stumbled across people actually SELLING boxes of Twinkies, ding-dongs, zingers, ho-ho’s, you name it! Anything hostess related, is on eBay right now being bought up. Unbelievable.

Literally 5 minutes after this I was in a mad dash to my local convenience store, picked up 2 boxes of Twinkies and a box of powdered Hostess donettes.

Based on the eBay prices as of today (11/17/12) these are the cash values I would place on the discontinued hostess products which are now considered by many to be a collectible and nostalgic item.

Prices (11/17/12)

Twinkies (box of 10) – $16-25

Ding Dongs (box of 12) $14-20

Suzy Q’s (box of 8) $8-12

Zingers (box of 12) $8-15

Loafs of Wonderbread $25-30

I found that most people have caught on and stores are basically cleaned out for all hostess products. But if you can find them, sell them immedietely! I personally sold my boxes for $35, not bad!

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    how much are dounuts

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