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How to Add Google Adsense to your WordPress Blog


Ah, so you want to take your blog to the next level and attempt to make money using Google Adsense?

Luckily getting the Ad live on your page is the easy part, making money on the other hand, you’re in for a long journey icon smile How to Add Google Adsense to your Wordpress Blog

The first step in order to create a Google Ad on your blog is to create a Google Adsense Account by going to

Once approved for an account (may take several days), Click on “My Ads“, and then click on “+New Ad Unit” seen in the screenshot below.

adsense 300x168 How to Add Google Adsense to your Wordpress Blog

Next, You will choose the style of Ad you would like, To keep it simple i recommend using any of Google’s recommended ads seen in the screenshot below.

adsense2 300x168 How to Add Google Adsense to your Wordpress Blog


Once you have selected the size of your ad banner, you will need to select the type of ad. There are 3 types, “Text Ads Only“, “Text & Display Ads“, Or “Display Ads Only“. Text ads will mean all the ads on your page will only contain words, and display ads mean they will be colorful picture ads.

Personally, I have better success with Display ads, but feel free to mess around with it and see what works well for you!

Once you have selected both the size and the type of your ad, you will be able to toy around with the color of the ad. A not so important step, so once you have done these three steps, you are now finished creating the ad. Congrats!

Now, time to hit “Save & Get Code” at the bottom of the page, seen in the screenshot below.

adsense4 300x168 How to Add Google Adsense to your Wordpress Blog

Next, copy and past the entire code given in the pop-up seen below.

adsense6 300x168 How to Add Google Adsense to your Wordpress Blog


Once you have this code, login to your WordPress Blog admin. Once logged in, select “Appearance” then “Widgets” seen on the Admin toolbar.

Finally, create a new text box using Widgets, either in your Header, Footer, or Sidebar. (depending on where you would like to place your ad)

Next, paste the code you were given by Google earlier into the newly created Widget text box, hit save, and VOILA! You have created your first Google Ad!

*Please note that it may take some time for your Ad to appear live on your WordPress Blog*

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Thank you!


Ways to Save Money On Your Phone Bill (2014)


Almost everybody has a cell phone, but does that mean you should be paying an arm and a leg each month to your provider? Who by the way, has you sucked into a 2 year contract? Absolutely not.

Here are some simple solutions that should help you reduce the cost of your Cell phone each month.

  • Purchase a Pre-paid phone or “Pay as you go” phone, this is a much better option for people who don’t use their cellphones as often as most folks. These are usually the phones you see at such stores as Rite Aid, 7-11, Walmart, or Walgreens. You purchase minutes which count towards texting and calling rather than paying a monthly usage bill to your provider. Sounds silly but it could save you over $50 a month depending on how much you use your phone, which adds up to be about $600 a year. Another nice part about owning a Pay as you go cell phone is there won’t be any heart-wrenching surprises at the end of the month. Personally, I have heard excellent things about Virgin Mobile pre-paid phones, but some other options include; Trac Phone, Straight Talk, and of course, T-Mobile.


  • Free Texting Aps are another way you can reduce the cost of your phone bill by cancelling texting all together on your phone plan. You can go to your apps on your phone and download apps such as; TextNow, Text+, or TextMe. All are free to download and the only requirement is that you have a source of Wi-Fi internet to send text messages. A very cheap way to bypass your texting bill all-together.


  • Cut out your internet completely by using Free Wi-Fi instead. Almost every public restaurant, mall, gym, etc. Has free Wi-Fi for customers to use. By cancelling your internet (which I used to pay $20 a month for) and taking advantage of free Wi-Fi you will have some extra cash in your pocket each month.

Hope these tips were found helpful,


Popular & Free Entrepreneur Message Boards


Have dreams of becoming a young entrepreneur but are unsure where to start?

Check out these very helpful, informative, and most importantly, FREE to join message boards!


  • - A great message board for successful small business owners and aspiring business owners to talk about anything from How to create a business, to successful Internet marketing techniques, to free legal help, full of successful and smart entrepreneurs, tons of handy resources for a “newbie” entrepreneur. My personal favorite message boards, lots of active members which is hard to find in small message boards now-a-days.


  • - Yet another great message board full of friendly entrepreneurs ready to give you their help and expertise. Need a graphic designed? Not a problem. Got a question about Social Media Marketing? Experts are willing to help you! Want your blog or website reviewed by fellow entrepreneurs? This is the site for you! Full of friendly members and has an outstanding reputation.


Hope these are helpful, it’s been a crazy year but I am back online and here to stay!

Merry Christmas!





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