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How to sell old electronics and get cash fast


Tired of looking at your 2 year old T-9 word texting Sprint phone? Which by the way was SO last year. Well now, you can turn your unwanted old electronics and phones that you no longer need, into CASH.

Many people have at least one electronic in their house that they no longer wish to use and don’t feel like going through the hassle of trying to find a buyer for your outdated electronics. Look no further, this is a growing “green” industry and there are tons of sites out there that are willing to pay you cash for your electronics instead of sending them to a 3rd world country landfill.

One site that I have come across in my green journey was Gazelle.com. Below I will show you the process of selling an old electronic. Step by step.

First, type in the product you wish to sell to Gazelle.com. In my example, lets say I want to sell my Ipod touch 2nd generation.

first screenshot How to sell old electronics and get cash fast

Next, it will ask you a few questions about the electronic you wish to sell. Answer honestly. There are a few pages of questions.

screenshot 2 How to sell old electronics and get cash fast

Next, it automatically calculates an offer within seconds of finishing the several questions.

screenshot 3 How to sell old electronics and get cash fast

And there you have it!

screenshot 4 How to sell old electronics and get cash fast

Finally, press checkout and enter your payment info. Not to worry, Gazelle will send you a box to send your device in within 10 days of checking out. Gazelle also provides you with a pre-paid stamp for your box. Gazelle pays with either check or paypal.

There you have it! Gazelle.com is a great site, go and check it out and sell them your unwanted electronics!

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Working the graveyard shift…


Well, i just got finished working 3 days graveyard doing grocery shelve stocking (my normal job, different store). I can honestly say working graveyard MESSES up your body beyond belief. I asked my manager for more hours and he suggested the graveyard shift out at a different store. I did. My first night I found that by about 2:30 A.M. my legs were shaking and I had one of the worst migraines i have ever experienced. As I kept pounding back  energy drinks to keep myself from crashing, everything kept getting worse and worse. It is a really strange feeling…Like you are dreaming but your body is still moving- I am not totally sure how to explain it. Needless to say I worked here for 3 nights before switching back to my old store and old hours. After I came home on night #1, I found myself extremely depressed coming home to see everyone just getting ready for the day and waking up. Not to mention I was extremely nauseous and my eyes were burning.

I told myself “what the hell have I gotten myself into?!”

I decided to stick with it.

Night 2 was just about the EXACT same thing as night one. Coming home after that shift I decided it DEFINITELY wasn’t for me and wanted to go back to my old hours at the other store (5AM- 1:30pm), it was no big deal to switch back and I am glad I did.

By night 2, I realized that I would be sleeping until it was about time to go back to work, therefor not seeing people, friends, or family very much anymore. Which lead to depression along with physical pain.

Night 3, yes there was one more night that I felt inclined to complete. I am actually writing this only 30 minutes after getting off work. As I was walking to my car my legs gave out from under me and i dropped to one knee. I kind of smiled surprisingly as it was an assurance that I had made the right choice for my well-being.

Sure, this post isn’t about how to make money. This is one thing I actually strongly recommend against doing to make an extra buck. At the beginning i told myself, ”oh it won’t be so bad, everyone else will be asleep anyways.”

Now I am saying “quitting graveyard was one of the best decisions I have made so far.”

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Fiverr.com Site Review


Hey everyone, I recently discovered a site called Fiverr.com. It is a really cool site where users list THOUSANDS of services they are willing to perform for you for only $5. Anything from a professional singer who:

“…will parody a popular song of your choice with your custom lyrics” to someone who will “…draw you to look exactly like a Simpson cartoon”

For me, I think it’s funny to browse through the possibilities $5 could bring you…However, being myself, I have to look at it from more of a money-making standpoint. Is there a way to make money using Fiverr.com? OF COURSE. Do you have a skill? ANY skill? Can you make a silly voice? Draw really well? Crush a soda can with your butt? Then you can make money using Fiverr.

Take a look through the services users are currently offering and try to come up with a unique idea, commit to the idea and you WILL make money. For buyers, make sure to check the sellers feedback and read through the comments before purchasing, there are a handful of phony sellers on this site along with hundreds of legit sellers.

Thanks! – MoneySniffer

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