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Is Silver more rare than Gold?


Although the price for gold is nearly 44 times more valuable than silver. HOWEVER, did you know that Silver is actually MORE RARE than gold?

Apparently, there are about 5.3 billion ounces of pure gold that still remain undiscovered in the world. The silver market is MUCH less, although there is not an accurate number I am comfortable publishing, I can say that It is under 1 billion ounces of silver.

The gold to silver ratio is 1:40, meaning it takes approximately 40 silver ounces to buy one gold ounce…It makes you really wonder how long a 1:40 ratio for silver and gold will remain… Here’s what I don’t understand…

In the past 50 or so years, Silver has been used up. All of the major stockpiles of silver (over 10 billion ounces) are now GONE. The 10 billion ounces of stockpiles ARE GONE…

If silver is more rare than gold…How can the average man still afford to buy silver? I mean, silver is only $30 an ounce, I just think you would be stupid NOT to buy silver. I don’t see silver EVER dropping below the $30 mark, which is why I am confident to say that it will only rise from here. Silver is a depleting market and now is the time to buy.

So don’t be a fool, buy silver while you still can!!!!

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