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3blox.com Review


I recently stumbled upon a website called 3blox.com. Why am I writing about this site? Well, they claim that if you can play their game and stack the blocks above the prize line, that they will give you money.

Similar to the games you may have seen in bowling alleys and arcades, where they look like this here:

stack it1 143x300 3blox.com Review

The objective of the game in both the bowling alleys and 3blox.com, is to stack your blocks above the “prize” line. If you do this, you win a prize- or if you are playing on 3blox.com, money.

In 3blox.com, the “blox” speed back and fourth, left and right the whole game and you have to time your click to keep the “blox” stacking higher and higher until you reach the prize line like seen below here: (My personal screen shot)

3blox1 300x169 3blox.com Review

So as you can see, with a $1 stake, I WOULD HAVE won $10.

3blox.com allows you to “try it out” before you actually risk losing (as seen above) any real money. I gave the free version a shot and it seemed fair enough so I decided to fund my account and give it a shot. After playing for about 20 minutes, I noticed that randomly the “blox” seemed to increase in speed, therefore making it much harder to win. I ended up losing $5 in total and decided to cash out the rest of my account balance- surprisingly It was sent to my paypal account in about…15 minutes, which was a nice surprise.

The thing you have to remember about these kinds of sites and games is that they were not created to GIVE OUT free money. This game is DESIGNED for the players to lose and the creators to take your money, why else would it exist? Nobody will make a website that gives out free cash unless they are making more money coming in than going out.

3blox.com is definitely addictive though which is why you must be careful. You may lose all of your first balance and then say to yourself”

“Well I ALMOST won $30, I’ll just play a little more.”

And then…$70 later. CRAP.

It is definitely gambling, despite what people say about it being a game of “skill”.

Overall, more likely than not, with 3blox.com you will mostly be losing your money… but heck, give it a shot if you are feeling lucky. If you do end up going to 3blox.com, make sure you play the free version and practice before going on and staking your own money.

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