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Are Online Surveys a Scam? – Moneysniffer.com


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate online survey sites. At one point last year, I tried to make money taking surveys online…I failed. All these B.S. sites out there are promising $75 per survey or $100 an hour, are all BOGUS.

I was a member of several get paid to take survey sites and I barely made a dime for the hours of my time that I put into taking these surveys and registering. It is so frustrating because these sites make you “qualify” before you actually get paid for taking the survey. I don’t think I ever qualified on an online survey.

Let me walk you through what it is like to take a survey online and why it sucks…

I am a member of this site, called OneOpinion.com… They promise a $25 minimum cashout via pre-paid debit card- sounds cool? So let’s take a survey shall we?

Alright, right when I logged in you can notice that my account is already credited with $14…However, I noticed that now I must be qualified for their surveys, which is nearly impossible. Before, all they did was ask me a few simple questions and BAM, I was credited with a buck. Now I noticed that the surveys aren’t even on oneopinion.com, they now redirect me to some random site that is now impossible to qualify for their surveys.

survey Are Online Surveys a Scam?   Moneysniffer.com

Now let’s see what happens…. Oh, what do you know, looks like I “qualify” for a survey….suuuure.

survey1 Are Online Surveys a Scam?   Moneysniffer.com

Now, I am redirected to some random site…Now I am going to answer a bunch of questions…

survey2 Are Online Surveys a Scam?   Moneysniffer.com

I answered 3 pages of these kinds of questions, and guess what?! I DIDN’T QUALIFY!

This is why taking online surveys for money SUCKS.

survey 4 Are Online Surveys a Scam?   Moneysniffer.com


Don’t waste your time with oneopinion.com or online surveys. You will not make any money and you will waste your time.

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