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Is the price of Silver Rising?

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As of today, I am very happy to say that silver seems to be increasing in price over the past few days. Silver in the month of October (2011) has seen a lowest price of about $29 per ounce and right now it is at the highest price it has been all month of nearly $34 per ounce.

Not only is silver increasing lately, it seems that it should only keep increasing from here on out. Silver is at a low right now compared to the past few months. August’s highest price per ounce was $43 and September’s highest price was about the same. October’s highest price is right now at $34 an ounce. In my opinion, Silver should take a jump to over the $40 mark in these next few weeks.

Let’s take a look at the past few month’s charts for silver prices.

Here they are:

silver11 Is the price of Silver Rising?

This is a promising sign for silver, it reached it’s absolute bottom in price, now hopefully it rises!

I also recently bought another ounce of silver, bringing my collection to 3 ounces and 5 grams.

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