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Get paid to Get a Tattoo


untitled1 Get paid to Get a TattooWith tattoos becoming more and more popular in this day and age, many companies have looked into tattoo advertising.


Yep, you heard that right. Small and major companies are looking for people to use your skin as a walking billboard. This is no joke.

Why? You may ask why, well I can’t give you the exact answer but it may have something to do with “desperate times call for desperate measures”.

Companies with huge advertising budgets are always looking for new forms of advertisement and new ways to promote their name. This recently discovered form of advertising has already grabbed a lot of company’s attention.

There are THOUSANDS of people walking around RIGHT NOW with company logos and names tattooed on all parts of their body. You can get paid a serious amount of money for letting a company advertise on your body. One’s forehead is considered the ideal spot for advertising. Usually, people that are willing to give up this prime advertising spot are paid significantly more.

So you want to become a walking billboard huh?

If you are seriously interested in having companies advertise on your body I suggest you contact a few major companies via email and see if they are possibly interested in paying you to advertise.

Personally, I think this particular way of making money is a bit extreme even for me…I think tattoos should mean something but if a company offered me 50 grand to advertise on my shoulder, It would definitely get me thinking… Wouldn’t you?

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